Who are we?

Susan Galloway

I am a Secondary teacher of English and Media, currently working for Glasgow as a Leader of Learning where I have a remit for supporting learning and teaching across the City in all our Primary, Secondary and SEN schools. In the past I have developed web resources for the BBC, and edited University Publications at the University of Glasgow. As part of a project with Harvard University, I led a team of primary and secondary teachers in Glasgow as we shared good practice and implemented a policy on AiFL across our Learning Community.  This idea of sharing practice continued in my work on Planning, Moderation and Assessment to support transitions between Primary and Secondary pupils which has been exemplified by Education Scotland for use nationally. I am passionate about encouraging a skills-based approach to education and using online technologies to support learners in developing their digital literacy and preparing them for the world beyond the classroom.


Katie Barrowman

Like Susan, I am a teacher of English and Media in Glasgow, as well as a Leader of Learning. Having taught for several years in Glasgow schools, I was seconded for three years to Learning and Teaching Scotland (now Education Scotland) as a development officer on the national Glow team. For those outside Scotland, Glow is Scotland’s national schools intranet, allowing every learner and teacher in Scotland to access a range of online tools and resources, and providing a powerful suite of collaboration tools. In that role I travelled the country supporting schools and local authorities to make best use of the resource, and met and worked with a wide range of amazing educators who I feel privileged to still be in touch with today. As someone who fully embraces the value of digital learning and teaching, and the crucial role it will surely play in the development of a prosperous, forward looking Scotland, I am delighted that we are now at a pivotal point in Scottish education where digital skills and digital literacy are coming to the forefront.

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